"Come and see" (from the Holy Gospel according to St. John 1:39)

In the past several years, the Orthodox Christian population grew rapidly in the Southern Orange County area, and so did the need for a church that could serve the needs of that population.

The spiritual community and programs that have flourished is a testament that all things are possible through God.

From weekly Liturgical services to Bible classes, life at Saint Basil Church is enriched with many opportunities for learning more about our relationship with God and each other.

  • Every Sunday, we celebrate the Divine Liturgy. We invite everyone to join us in prayer and worship as one family.
  • During our weekly Fellowship Hour after Sunday Liturgy, we strive to meet everyone and make them feel like a member of our family.
  • Sunday School gives children an opportunity to learn about the Bible, their Orthodox faith and socialize in a structured environment.
  • Catechism Classes offers courses for anyone interested in learning more about Orthodoxy.

Anyone can participate in the Divine Liturgy, whether it's preparing Prosphoro (bread), ushering, being in the choir, or assisting the priest as an acolyte (altar boy), there is a place for everyone.

St Basil Greek Orthodox Church

Become a Part of Our Family

Being a newer church, there are many opportunities for you to support our mission and join our family.

Prayer is something we all can do. A contribution of your time and talent is also welcomed and encouraged. Whether you wish to work with children or the elderly, take on a leadership role in the mission, worship as an acolyte, reader, usher, sing in the choir, assist at fellowship hour or even help maintain the facilities, there is something for everyone to get involved. You might even think of something that we're not doing today, and start a new program.

Lastly, your financial support is welcomed. Your contribution, large or small, keeps the mission going by supporting our ministries and covers 100% percent of our facility expenses and priest. Whether you give weekly, monthly, yearly, anonymously and/or contribute in the basket on Sundays, your voluntary support of our mission family will allow us to continue to grow and achieve parish status.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Fr Bill

Come and Receive the Light

Pascha is quickly approaching and so is the moment when we hear the words chanted at every Anastasi ; “Come Receive the Light” We will light our candles which symbolize the Light of Christ and sing Christos Anesti to celebrate His victory over death. To many people’s surprise, this moment happens just before we begin the Divine Liturgy, where we will receive once again; this time we receive Holy Communion. All our preparation during lent should be followed by the action of taking Holy Communion that night. Yes, we are all tired and have the urge to go back to our cars with our lit candle instead of going back into the Church for the Paschal Liturgy. We need to remind ourselves that Christ offers us His body and blood that night as His gift to us.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion (the Eucharist) which literally means "Thanksgiving," is the Mystery whereby the bread and wine offering is changed, actually, not symbolically, into the very Body and Blood of Christ. The Eucharist is at the very center of the Church's life, and from it flows the prayer of believers in a sacrifice of entreaty for the peace of the world, for those who ask for help, and for all men and women '"The Eucharist unites us; it nourishes our soul and body, and strengthens our spiritual life. According to the promise of the Gospel, “He that eats this bread will live forever.” (The Gospel of John 6:58)

The chalice which holds the blood of Christ is the cup of salvation. Every Liturgy, we pray with the priest that the Holy Spirit may change the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus. This means that when we receive Holy Communion, Jesus comes to live in us. How do we prepare to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus? We pray! We should have love in our hearts for all people. We should ask forgiveness from God and from anyone we may have hurt. Once we have received Communion, we must remember that we have become one with Christ and with all those who received Communion with us. Christ now lives in all of us.

We are all living icons of Jesus. It is by loving one another that we love Jesus. After receiving Communion our bodies become like the holy chalice. God lives in us. Jesus wants to use our hands, which have now become His hands, to help those in need. When we receive Communion, we become members of Christ's Body, the Church. This means that Jesus has no eyes but our eyes, no feet but our feet to do His work in the world today. How should we respond to knowledge that we are commissioned to do His works and take care of His ministry? There is only one response …. We take action! If we are truly going to “Receive the Light” we will truly live the message we hear in the Divine Liturgy of Repentance, forgiveness and love. Christos Anesti ~ Christ is Risen