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"Come and see" (from the Holy Gospel according to St. John 1:39)

In the past several years, the Orthodox Christian population grew rapidly in the Southern Orange County area, and so did the need for a church that could serve the needs of that population.

The spiritual community and programs that have flourished is a testament that all things are possible through God.

From weekly Liturgical services to Bible classes, life at Saint Basil Church is enriched with many opportunities for learning more about our relationship with God and each other.

  • Every Sunday, we celebrate the Divine Liturgy. We invite everyone to join us in prayer and worship as one family.
  • During our weekly Fellowship Hour after Sunday Liturgy, we strive to meet everyone and make them feel like a member of our family.
  • Sunday School gives children an opportunity to learn about the Bible, their Orthodox faith and socialize in a structured environment.
  • Catechism Classes offers courses for anyone interested in learning more about Orthodoxy.

Anyone can participate in the Divine Liturgy, whether it's preparing Prosphoro (bread), ushering, being in the choir, or assisting the priest as an acolyte (altar boy), there is a place for everyone.

St Basil Greek Orthodox Church

Become a Part of Our Family

Being a newer church, there are many opportunities for you to support our mission and join our family.

Prayer is something we all can do. A contribution of your time and talent is also welcomed and encouraged. Whether you wish to work with children or the elderly, take on a leadership role in the mission, worship as an acolyte, reader, usher, sing in the choir, assist at fellowship hour or even help maintain the facilities, there is something for everyone to get involved. You might even think of something that we're not doing today, and start a new program.

Lastly, your financial support is welcomed. Your contribution, large or small, keeps the mission going by supporting our ministries and covers 100% percent of our facility expenses and priest. Whether you give weekly, monthly, yearly, anonymously and/or contribute in the basket on Sundays, your voluntary support of our mission family will allow us to continue to grow and achieve parish status.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Message from Fr Bill

Fr Bill

Unwrapping the Best Christmas Gift Ever

If you sacrificed all you had to buy someone a Christmas gift and that person never took the time to unwrap and open it, how would you feel? You may be disappointed, hurt and angry at the rejection of your generous act of love. And for the person you gave it to, the gift would be worthless if it was left unwrapped and sitting in the corner. It is astounding that many people have celebrated Christmas every year of their lives without ever having opened their greatest and most expensive Christmas Gift. Jesus Christ is God’s Christmas gift to everyone on earth. Wrapped up in Jesus are all the benefits and blessings God has given us, which are presented to us in the Gospels and Epistles for us to read about.

Jesus brings us peace with God and one another. He forgives our past and gives purpose to our lives. The name Jesus actually means “God saves.” Jesus calls out to each of us and lets us know that he replaces the frustration in our hearts with peace. He replaces our guilt and shame with forgiveness. He replaces our worry and anxiety with confidence. He replaces our depression with real hope. He replaces our confusion with clarity. He only asks that...
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