Presenting an Extraordinary Greek Dance Program

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Date & Time:
Beginning April 22, 2023

St Basil Greek Orthodox Church
31612 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

A fun four week course for adults (18+) years of age and older, teaching eight (8) of the most popular Greek dances: Syrto, Tsamiko, Hassapo Serviko, Hassapiko, Pentozali, Fast Hassapiko, Karsilamas and Kritiko Syrto, and a unique social event.

$160 for 4 week class series or $45 per individual class. Class size is limited—You must register online ONLY

Master Instructor
John Basdakis

FDF Hall of Fame Director, Choreographer, Performer, and Dance Program Innovator.

For additional information or to pre-register, contact:
John Basdakis @ 714-813-2158 or email @

Instructor Profile

The Performer:
Entertaining the entertainers – “A” list television and motion picture personalities have been among Mr. Basdakis’ audiences. Performances include: theater, television, conventions, public building inaugurations, festivals, benefits, weddings, public, and private clubs, and more.

The Director:
Tens of thousands of people have seen exhibition groups directed by Mr. Basdakis perform over the years. Performing groups he has personally directed include the Aegeans, Olympian Dancers, Salona, Levendia, Apoffiti Olympian, Paramythia, Toumba!, Omikron, Genesis and Ftu Ftu. Hollywood personalities, dignitaries, and television personalities have been entertained by or have danced among his dance groups.

The Choreographer:
“Creative”, “Imaginative”, “Refreshing”, “Inspiring”, “Moving”, are how both critics and audiences have described Mr. Basdakis’ choreographies which have awed, entertained, amused, and even shocked audiences with powerful and dramatic interpretations of Greek instrumental music--both contemporary and traditional. Mr. Basdakis was one of the first Greek folk dance directors to successfully combine a regional Suite of award-winning costumes along with music, song and dance-- live and on stage.

Training the Trainers:
Many of Mr. Basdakis’ dancers have become renowned Greek dance directors in their own right, including an amazing 50% of his former Olympian Dancers, many of which became highly awarded Directors. More awards are held by Mr Basdakis’ former dancer-turned-director students than any other trainer in North America.

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